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Pre Wedding & Post Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Pre and Post Wedding Photographers Chennai

Hire Best Pre/Post-Wedding Shoot Photographers for your Wedding in Chennai. Couples these days are fearless. Gone are days, where wedding photography starts at the wedding hall and close there. These days couple are willing to flaunt their personalities or rather combination of personalities before and after marriage, which led to the birth of pre and post wedding photography. This is often merged with candid wedding photography, but we treat it as a separate genre to offer better customizable and affordable wedding photography packages to wannabe couple.

Pre-Wedding & Post-Wedding Photography at Affordable Price

So what really is pre-wedding and post wedding photography in Chennai? The relationship and comfort levels of a couple are elevated post wedding. So from a photographer’s artistic view, it would be wonderful to see how couple reacts to certain background prior and post marriages. We offer tips to couple to choose their theme for such photoshoots, or we ourselves set up such themes. Our photographer’s team, are always on their toes, willing to travel along with the couple, creating the right amount of lighting and environment of pure fun and joy. Themed photo-shoot sessions, often lead to better output, considering the fact that the canvas on which we shoot our subject is of practically unlimited width. One of our particularly favourite post wedding photography was shot with a couple who wanted to show their love towards TVS Excel. We were happy to conduct a photo shoot where the couple poses, on TVS moped, with the bride riding and the groom being the pillion, with a lush green background. We consider that photograph as one of our best, and of course, you are most welcome to view our other wedding portfolios.

If you believe in being fearlessly showcasing your personality, hesitate no more. Contact us for booking your pre or post wedding photography shoot.