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Cinematic Wedding Videography


Wedding videography was long considered to be a physical evidence of a marriage. It’s meant to show how much the videography process can actually show. Imagine a typical wedding video: it clearly shows what has actually happened in the wedding and nothing more. Clearly it lacks spice, or in specific terms salt-and-pepper.

In reality a professional wedding videographer can offer much more that what you see. Cinematic Wedding videography has come to the rescue, by brining in lot of elements of a cinema, into wedding videography. What are those elements, if you ask, we are here to brief you! Cinematic wedding videography comes in the form of a story; it starts with an intro, and then proceeds with some basic background, and to the climax, which might be the nuptial knot as in Hindu weddings, or exchanging wedding rings in Christian weddings. When you watch a cinematic wedding video, you don’t see a videographer conducting video sessions, but a director, who is an expert cameraman, who can prepare scripts, and project a wonderful story. These videos are produced in short forms may be about 10 – 15 minutes. Viola! Made for social media, and the world of sharing. To make things easier for our clients, we also call this genre as cinematic trailer style wedding videography.

That’s not all, cinematic wedding videos, are shot in portions, and mixed separately, with different background music, and hence highly customizable according to the choice of the wedding couple. Modern wedding videography tends to continue beyond weddings halls, into spaces explored by the couple, may outdoor shooting, we are always prepared and are bound to thrill you.

Quick questions you may ask, which we already have the answer. We offer wonder videography services at affordable cost, and highly customizable packages. Note that though we do not offer cheap wedding videography services, we only offer the best.