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Documentary / Story Telling Style Wedding Videography

Best Documentary / Story Telling Style Wedding Videographer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
In the market, there are agencies that offer cheap wedding videography services, and there are us. Budget wedding videography packages are highly affordable and customizable. We like to reiterate the fact that our services are second to none. Having said that, do we have variety of services, you might ask? Our answer is a perfect yes! One of the wedding videography genres, where we literally take pride in is Documentary or Story Telling style wedding videography. You might have gone through our product: Cinematic Wedding Videography, and we request you to assume Documentary style wedding videography, as it’s long form. So what’s makes a documentary style wedding videography different from traditional wedding videography, continue reading below.

In reality we treat every wedding as a different experience. Every wedding has a story behind them. It could be a love story, or a story of an arranged wedding, or might be a combination of both. We bring those stories into actual videography we produce. Visual story telling is the most powerful way of communicating the joy of weddings to it’s audiences, and we only act as a catalyst, nothing beyond them. A documentary style wedding videography, would start by featuring the couple, may be their families, to speak about how they feel about the wedding, how they met, candid stuff such as them. Most part of the video continues with that theme, and inclusion of some of that commentary in the video. Best part of such wedding videography, is that it includes a mix of story telling, commentary, music, and postproduction techniques: a deadly cocktail.

The other factor, which comes to mind, would be the cost involved. Let’s be honest, making documentary style wedding videography is not cheap, but it doesn’t mean that we charge a bomb. Making a professional wedding video, involves the efforts of onsite technicians, and off site technicians, and we charge affordable rates for them, without cutting corners.