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Helicam Wedding Videography


Drones are very common in United States of America. But they were initially designed and built for the purpose of aerial surveillance. Shifting from defense to civil purpose drones has very good application in day-to-day lives. One of the variant of commonly drones used for the purpose of videography is helicam. For people who do not know what helicam is all about, imagine it as a video camera attached to a toy helicopter. Well for a layman, that’s enough an understanding. For professional videographers, helicams provides an extremely new angle, which could have never been possible with conventional cameras.

Helicam based wedding videography, which used to be earlier confined to up market weddings, have now transitioned to middle class weddings as well, thanks to acceptance amongst families and of course lowering costs of such equipment. As Chennai based professional videography agency, we confine the use of helicam only to certain locations, obviously owing to statuary obligations. However we are happy to discuss with the couple and their families to determine the precise use of helicams to proceed with.

Please note that helicam videography services are available as separate package, or in conjunction with other services like cinematic wedding photography etc.