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Multi Camera Wedding Videography


Suddenly you see weddings these days, with multiple videographers shooting at different places like one focusing the wedding dais, one at dining hall, one near the reception shooting the guests. Welcome to the world of multi camera wedding videography. 40 – 50% of prospective clients prefer actions at multiple points to create a wonderful on site composition. A mixer unit is placed in order to mix the incoming video signals in correct proportion, and displayed on television monitors installed in wedding halls.

Guests who come to a typical wedding likes to be pampered with. One way of doing that is to show their happy faces on the giant television unit installed for this purpose. If there is a scenario where the team employs only one video camera, the primary focus of that unit is to capture the moments happening on the dais, which leaves the emotions of the guests unattended. Hence the requirement of multi camera videography is paramount. Modern wedding videographers are completely equipped to even mix sounds at wedding halls. As professional wedding videographers our team possess enough acumen in identifying places to install television sets, create vantage points for kick starting video production, and so on and so forth.

Believe us, we do not under shift gears. We produce quality-wedding videos, with the right team for the budget allotted.